Blog;5 Budgeting & Cost Optimiseation

After finishing the Dinostore Application there were almost no costs apart from the Key Management service, as you can see from above. So far it has cost me over $80.

Below you can see the cost Explorer, showing what it has cost me for the week. We can also See the forecasted amount for the month, this is different from the actual cost here. This is because the Dinostore has really amped up the cost. So we were spending Not very much at the start, and then the Dinostore made this expendantal and it still hasn’t kept up.

Cost Coverage and Optimiseation.PNG


Cost Optimisation

So what is cost optimization? It’s when we go through everything with a fine-tooth comb and make things better. So what could I do for cost optimization?

  • Well for one, I could go through everything a double check to make sure I have Deleted everything off now it’s not needed.
  • Go through and think about what cost the most and work out ways around this for future reference. Say if there are instances go for the free tier, and go for Micro instead of large.
  • Sit down and make a personal Budget for yourself, Just like in real life Budgets will help you stop spending on unessayed things.
  • Set Alarms, though this dont actually work with the credits, once you switch over to your own money they will start to track you. and with the alarms, i have made They are set to be when i spend $1, $10, $50, $75 and $99 so i can have a good range of the costs as they come.



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