Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

Deploy & Automate ADDS Build Blog; 1

In this we are to build and Automate a whole network, we need to do this via our own custom template script. In this assignment, i will walk you through what I did to create a temple.

Below we go into the document provided to us via moodle and select the 3rd option as shown below.

AWS Template.PNG

This launches a template for us to run, in this, we will go through and Use our own options in to fill in certain items like a key, and website with a password.



ISSUE; when I tried completing the Template before it asked for the RDGWCIDER to be as noted above, but this failed. So I have currently Changed it to and I’m yet to see if this works.

Here it is being created, hope it works;

Create in process.PNG

But it has failed on an internal source, Maybe its the name change I had done from AD-DS-Scenario-3 to AD-DS-Scenario-33, time to start again, let’s try this again. Only changing the name so I can see if that is, in fact, the issue.

Failed; 1

So now i will start again and change the name to AD-DS-Scenario-3, Here we go;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And it’s a Sucess !!, Yee On to the next step.


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