Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

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So now I know what to run for this assignment, I have gone back and created a new template. This one turned out a lot smaller this time, and The first things that needed to be changed were there was a weird instance in there as shown below, This got deleted.

First change.PNG

And there was for some strange reason five routes when there was only one needed, So I delete all of them off and left it with one route and changed the Ip address as that can’t be blank. as shown below.

And then it errored out on the I am instance as shown. This needs to will be deleted off. Deleting off the Iam.PNGHere, I have further found that I need two routes, and in this, i have added another one now, and I have then further deleted off more that I don’t need. The overall picture from my network is below. Her this is the tidiest I can get it.


Pitchure of my system.PNG

I had then Tried to connect to the instance by associating the Elastic IP Address to it, but it would work. I tried adding a rule that allowed Rdp access from my Ip address but still didn’t work. So yeah everything is there, but I have other assignments to hand in. So this is where I’m going to leave it

Un able to connect.PNG

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Editing and improving

Here in this i went through and tryed to see what i can edit to make it my own. Here as showen below i have manage to Change the keys and change the name.

Vpc tag.PNG

In this i have tryed to change the names of others, but on changing the name it errors out so its referenceing something else somwehere else.

I have run the temple deisgner and i have noticed somethings that apear to be detached as showen below. but when i have tryed to delete these off there has been issues as they are referncing other things, when i have tryed to change things around so its referncing my stuff instead of the templete that was orginolly use =for the templete theres even more isses that arise.

See if it works with the route 1 not there.

I have changed the Instance type to make it more budget freienly as showen below.

Instance type.PNG

I have also gtryed to remote into the instance that it creates, but as of so far i am unable to get into it. i have noticed that it is being created in another VPC, and that could be the reason why. But i am unsure as of yet.


Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

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Now we have the original script premade from the previous assignment we need to modify and refine it. These scripts are saved in an Amazon S3 Bucket as shown below.


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Once we have it in the bucket we can download this and open it in notepad++, I suggest opening it in there. I had opened it in original notepad, and this changed my code ever so slightly. Now we have it in our NotePad ++, we can try to change things.

First of all, I noticed that not all the references to the VPC were correct, As shown below

VPC worng.PNG

Soi needed to comb through the Temple for the different VPCs and change it to the correct one as stated in the top of the template. This was done via the control + F function, this was what I found the be the easiest.

Next issue I had was the Subnets, This was an issue because until I drew it out. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. The subnets needed to be either the same or just with a small different and in the same IP range as shown in the diagram below.


The next issue/ step I had was to Figure out what was gooing on with the routes. These weren’t working. The first issue I notices is that I didn’t have ” “DependsOn”: “gw1″” in in the first route, so this was changed. Then I Noticed that the Gateway Id was referencing different gateways, one of which didn’t exist.  As shown below.

Route wrong..PNG

Once this was fixed, we then needed to change the destination cider block. This was something I don’t really understand, But this needed to be changed to the same subnet but different Ip addresses. The Ip addresses I chose for each route is shown above in the drawing I did to get a better definition.

So once this was fixed the next hiccup I had was an  IAM Reference, this s referencing something that was part of the previous script we made ours from. This is shown Below

IAm refernceing.PNG

Once this has been having been Taken out. It should successfully run. So this was run a couple of times without a hiccup. But one should note, as I made this mistake that you need to be in the right region, so the key reference is correct. The results as shown below.


Complte and done.PNG


Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

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Once we have run the Adds script from the previous blog, we now need to run the cloud former. This is in the “create script”  Chossing Cloud former.PNG

Once we go past this we can set the spefiic User name and password to get in the cloud former.

Creating a password and username.PNG

Here we can see the cloud former being created.

Creating the template.PNG

Once this is created we need to get into this, this was done vai copying and pasting the dns address. Now i had an issue getting this to load so i chucked it in the ” in cognitio” mode.

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then in this we need to give it as a name as showen below.

Template name ; 6.PNG

the next steps we just stayed with the basics and selected everything.  as showen below.

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This creates the base templte in which we will modify and make our own.  this is saved in the bucket. Mine said it failed to save but it still continuted to do so. Cold former template.PNG

Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

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In this we are to build and Automate a whole network, we need to do this via our own custom template script. In this assignment, i will walk you through what I did to create a temple.

Below we go into the document provided to us via moodle and select the 3rd option as shown below.

AWS Template.PNG

This launches a template for us to run, in this, we will go through and Use our own options in to fill in certain items like a key, and website with a password.



ISSUE; when I tried completing the Template before it asked for the RDGWCIDER to be as noted above, but this failed. So I have currently Changed it to and I’m yet to see if this works.

Here it is being created, hope it works;

Create in process.PNG

But it has failed on an internal source, Maybe its the name change I had done from AD-DS-Scenario-3 to AD-DS-Scenario-33, time to start again, let’s try this again. Only changing the name so I can see if that is, in fact, the issue.

Failed; 1

So now i will start again and change the name to AD-DS-Scenario-3, Here we go;

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And it’s a Sucess !!, Yee On to the next step.