DinoStore Build

Dino_Store Build Lab 10

So here we are on lab 10, wow it’s nearly done!

So for this one, I knew I would need a website, so I went ahead and brought, one it was cheap and cost me all of $2.

AmbersNet702Project costs; 2.PNG

After this, I needed to go into the AWS route 53 Console, and once in here, we need to create the hosted zone with the Settings as shown below. This will give us the name servers.

The name servers; 4.PNG

Once This has been done, we need to note down the name servers, these are of which that follows.

  • ns-960.awsdns-56.net
  • ns-1850.awsdns-39.co.uk
  • ns-1218.awsdns-24.org
  • ns-257.awsdns-32.com

These need to be copied and Pasted into the Name servers part of our domain settings as shown below. This replaces the original name servers with the ones we created before.

Name Servers; 5.PNG

Once this has been done we need to go back and Create a record set in the same AWS console as before, in this we will point it at the load balancer that we had used in a previous lab, the settings are of which that follows.

Creating a link to the LB; 6.PNG

And now we wait for the DNS system to update, it has been half an hour so far, ill report back how long it took me when I figure it out. it took about an hour, and the website is up on the website address that I got from go daddy along with the changing internal Ip address.

The hosting website; 7.PNG

Lab 10 finished !!


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