VMware lab 21: Using VMware Vsphere High Availability

Task1: Create a Cluster-Enabled for vShere HA

For this, we will need to create a new cluster. Going through the suggested steps as per the booklet.

Creating the Lab cluster.PNG


Task 2: Add your ESXi Host to a cluster

After this we need to add the ESXi’s to the Host, For this, we will simply click and drag the ESXi’s to the New Cluster. But for this I had this warning come up, but this didn’t manage to affect anything.

Issue; 2, b.PNG

So this is how to ended up

Adding the ESxi's to the Lab cluster2; c.PNG

For this I noticed I had some issues, these issues were of which that follow. I went ahead and spent a couple of hours on this problems only to find they were covered in the later part of the task.

Errors; 3.PNG

So for one I gave each ESXi a gateway,’

Errors; 3. New gateway; a.PNG

After this i added management network to each second Virtual switch.

Errors; 3. Added management network; b.PNG

So this seemed to fix these issues. and i went on to look at the hosts and the VM. these were not correct, but before i had the chance to work on this there was a power outage as mentioned in lab M1&1.

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Task 3: Test sphere HA Functionality

So for this, we are going to restart the Main ESXi which is the AmbersESXi, this is fact will change the master over to the Back up as shown below.

Changed Master; 15.PNG

So once i had recreated a new system i had an issue with the NTP protocol  as showen below. NTP issue; 12.PNG

So I went ahead and cheaked the NTP server, and this had stopped so i restarted it and this issue dissapeared.

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Here is where I discovered an issue with my third Vm that i have created, so i deleted this off and hoped that it would be a one off.

Issues with the third vm; 16.PNG

Task 4: Veiw the vsphere HA Cluster Resource Useage. 

For this we will go into moniter inside of the Resourcen reservation tab. As seen below

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Task 5: Manage vsphere HA slots Size.

For this, we will need to go into Settings in the new cluster, and we will go into Avalibabillity and edit this.

Edit settings; 18.PNG

First task is to turn on the Avaiablity.

Edit settings; 18a.PNGThe next step requires “Define Failover Capacity by Static number of hosts” which is not an option that we have so i decied to go with “Slot policey” as its in the name of this lab.

Edit settings; 18b.PNG

Once this is done we need to view the slot info for the Cluster,

Edit settings; 18c Sloth infomation.PNG

After this we need to Change the settings of each VM with in the cluster as seen below.

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After this, we will then go back and have a look at the slot infomation again to note any changes. as you can see the Slot size has changed.

Refreaing the slot info; 20.PNG

After this were going to edit the settings again, in this we will change the fixed slot size, and we will caculate the size based on the VM’s we have. as seen below.

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The new this is to go back and cheak the slot settings again, noting any changes.

Chaing the Slot settings; 21c.PNG

Again going back and changing the slot settings, as seen below to “Cover all powered-on VMs.”

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