VMware lab 17: Managing Resource Pools

From my initial scan through the book there is a needed script that we are not provided. This script makes the CPU run as “busy” as possible. That making the CPU red line Below is the script I found:

cpubusy script.PNG

Task 1 Create CPU Connection

First, at all, we need to turn on both VM’s and have them running so we can open a remote console for each.

Both running; 2.PNG

Once we have done this, we need to create the scripts on both machines. I have done them one by one, i did come across the issue as seen below. This issue was just simply an extra Line, once these were compared side by side the issue was quickly understood and fixed.

Creating the Cpubusy Script 3;b Errors.PNG

So once this issue was identified the scripts were ran to make the CPU busy.

Creating the Cpubusy Script 3;b.PNG

After this we need to schedule affinity, this is taking it from 0-1 as seen below.

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Task 2: Create Resource Pools

For this, we need to create a resource pool for the allocation of different resources, eg. CPU.

Bew resource pool; 5.PNG

So for this, we need to create two resource pools. As shown below. One has the name “Fin Test” and the other having the name “Fin Prod”.

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Task 3: Verify Resource Pool Functionality

For this, we will click each resource pool summery and have a look at each shears pane. As shown below.

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After this, we will then drag each VM into there own resource pool. All the while running the CPU busy script. As seen below there are different in which each VM see’s its CPU usage, where one is running the script at 83% whist the system running at a 99%.  Whereas the other is running the script as 48% where the overall system is running at 100 percent due to the resource pools.

Verofy respurce pool Functionality; 7.PNG

After this, we are going to change each of the recouce pools back to “normal” thus standerzing the pool’s.

Chaning the resources; 8.PNG
Enter a caption

Here we can see the script still running and its slowing standardising.

Chaning the resources; 8b.PNG




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