Reconfigurement 1M&1

So the system has crashed again ! and we get to reconfigure the Vsim again !!

So there was a power outage, and that caused system-wide issues, this, in turn, turned off our delicate Vsim.

First off all there seemed to be no issue with the Vsim as seen below.

Aggr seems alright.PNG

But as I went on, I was unable to get into the Gui interface for this cluster.

Issues; 3.PNG

So I went and checked the system health.

Health system after downage.PNG

All seemed to be good, so I wasn’t sure of the system issue. Until I got the following message. System down..PNG

Soo… I got a new Vsim

New vsim.PNG

And I had to create a new cluster for this,

New cluster.PNG

Anc becuase of the System down my VM’s was unassessable to I had to create two new VM’s and a new template.

Create two new VM's.PNG


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