Reconfigurement :1

In the school holidays, there was an outage within the network that we were using. This caused system-wide issues. For this my preconfigured Vsim was damaged, this causes many broken disks. Which meant it was unusable. Once I was given a new VSim, I set about and done the preconfigurement.

New Config; 1.PNG

In this, I had to start the configurement back at the start and needed the dvs among other things to be created.

New different; 3.PNG

This also needed more Virtual switches as seen below here I went ahead and created some more.


Once back in the cluster the GUI interface was used to create a new Aggregate, as well as a new SMV and new Luns.

New Disks; 5.PNG

But no !! the Vsim was damaged again as seen below. This was caused by an event within the network causing the Vsim to be damaged.

Issues; 6.PNG

So we went ahead, and was given a new Vsim to started another system. But disiastarter happened again, and  our system was unable to use the previously made & previously used main ESXi “Amberssec-ESXi”. This required me to switch my main ESXi to the one I first made and then make another “Third” ESXi. as seen below.



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