Vmware Lab 14: Migrating Virtual Machines

Task 1: Migrate VM files from Local Storage to Shared Storage.

Here I went through and made sure I have completed this. This was previously done in the last lab.

Migrate host's; 1.PNG

Task 2: Create a Virtual Switch and a VMkernal Port Group for vSphere vMotion Migration

For this task we need to create a vitchural switch, much like the ones we have created previously is past labs. The only difference is clicking the vSphere vMotion network.


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Task 3: Perform a vSphere vMotion Migration of a Virtual Machine on a Shared Datastore.

Once we have powered off all of the VMs we have, the first step will is to change some of the settings. For this, we will make sure the network adapters are set to production. Which in my case its “production2” and then the cd/DVD drive is unselected and on the “client device.” We will do this to all three VM’s.

Edit settings; 5.PNG

At this point, we need to do the same on the 2nd ESXi that we will be using. In my case, it’s my 3rd ESXi host.

Once we have done that we need to go into the cabinet VM Ammbers01-3 and type in ipconfig to make sure this is on the correct network.


Once this is done, i will continually ping the DC01

Continual ping; 8.PNGBack in the console, we will the Migrate this VM into the Third ESXi. As seen below.


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Then there is a slight wait to migrate it over, but once it is done, it should look like below.

Migrated; 11.PNG

Now, this has been done we can go back to the VM and see if it dropped any packages in the migration.

not dropped; 13.PNG

Like I said it took a while, so we have a large number of pings sitting there, but it migrated over without dropping any packets which are good.

The next step is to migrate to another VM and transfer over both the “compute resources” and storage. As seen below.


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Task 5: Prepare for the Next Lab

So for this, we will migrate all the VMS back, this will take some time. In this time I managed to go to go on to the next lab and leave it migrating. This worked, but I forgot to get any screenshots of this, as I understand home about nine at night.


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