VMware Lab 13: Modifying Virtual Machines

Task 1: Increase the size of a VMDK File

Here we will have to change some of the settings for the lab

CHange settings; 1.PNG

for this we will use the “hot-clone” we have just created, This is where we will add some extra storage to the hard drive as seen below.


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Now we need to go into the VM and look at the storage inside of it. For the lab, i  have had to shrink the disk to be able to do this next step.

Storage; 3.PNG

Now we have some room we can extend the disk to use all of the allocated space.


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Task 2: Adjust Memory Allocation on a Virtual Machine

In this lab, we will change the memory, but for this, we need to shut down the VM. Once it is shut down, we can then adjust the memory to 2 gigs as seen below.


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Task 3: Rename a VM in the vCenter Server Inventory

For this, we will rename our hot-clone. As seen below.

Renaming ; 7.PNG

Task 4: Add and Remove a Raw LUN on a VM

For this, we add an “RDM” disk.

Newrdm Disk; 8.PNG

And then with this a Lun for that to point to.

New lunk 9

With this, we will then change the location to “store with the virtual machine” as well as this we will also change the “sharing” to be unspecified. As seen below.

New harddisk; 10.PNG

Once we have done this we need to start up the VM, then travel to check that the Lun is in the disk space. As seen below.

New lun in hardisk; 11.PNG

After this, we will the need to delete this Lun off.

Delete disk ; 12.PNG

Task 5: Expand a Thin-Provisioned Virtual Disk.

For this, e need to take note the Storage usage of the vm in its current “on” state.

Useage of space; 13.PNG

Once we have done this we will then need to shutdown the vm and navigate to VMFS data store and find the .vmdk file. As shoen below.

Inflate VMDK ; 13.PNG


Once in here will will then need to inflate the disk. This took a good hour or two to complete.

Inflating disk; 14.PNG

And after we will then power on the same vm and cheak the storage incress. the storage useage was orginollay at 9 gigs and here it is at 30 gigs.

Inflate mempry; 15.PNG


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