VMware Lab 12: Using Templates and Clones

Task1: Create a VM template

For this, we need to be in the correct place.

In the right place; 1.PNG

Once in here I need to create a Template, in this it will be put into templates as shown below.

Template; 3.PNG

For this, we will the need to rename it as well.

Renaming the template; 4.PNG

And here it is we have a template of our VM.

Task 2: Create Customization Specifications

For this, we will then need to create a “custom spec”. In this, we will be using the specifications given to us. Customised slightly to use our own machines and own specifications. As seen below.

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Task 3: Deploy a VM from a Template

Since we have premade the template we are now ready to create a new VM from it. For this there is a simple wizard to follow, As seen below.

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Once we have done this, we need to go back and create another VM following the same steps. As seen below.

New VMS from template; 8.PNG

Here is where you will see some differences in the system, Becuase here is where I had an issue with the ESXi.

But as seen below, both VMs are powered on and are up and running.

Lab 12.PNG

Task 4: Clone a Powered-On VM

Here is where we need a running VM to create a clone while its turned on, or “hot”. So this will be a new clone, and it will be a “hot-clone.” Here we will use the guide to go through the guide adding in the suggested inputs. As seen below.

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As you can see below, this was made and added to our list. But for this, it took about 6 hours to complete.  It took up a good part of a day, so I suggest you allow for this.


Hotclone lab 12.PNG

And now the lab is finally complete after all of the issues I have had.



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