VMware Lab 9: Accessing iSCSI Storage

Allow a whole day for this lab. This lab will take you over 8 hours to complete.

Task 1: Add a VMkernel Port Group to a Standard Switch

To do this we need to be in the Hosts and Clusters tab and then navigate to where I am below. From here we need to Click on the little “add host networking”  icon (the little world in the left-hand corner).

Switch 0; 1.PNG

We will follow through the wizard to configure the Host network.

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Task 2: Configure the iSCSI Software Adapter and Connect it to the Storage

For this, we need to go into our ESXI host and then Storage adapters and “Add and new storage adapter”. This creates the New iSCSI adapter as shown below.

New Iscussi; 6.PNG

Once in here, we need to go into the properties tab. Now the name is the IQN name we will use later on in this lab so remember this.

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Now we need to bind the Network port.

Selecting Ip storage; 9.PNG


Here is where we need to go into the Netapp console in the DCO1.

Netapp being a pain in the arse; 11.PNG

Then check all the lines:

Liences are there; 12.PNG

Creating an aggregate.

Creating a Aggreagte; 14.PNG

Then we will create the SVM. The first one I created was wrong so this is my second.

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Once this was done I needed to create some LunsN Now I will create 6 2 Gig Luns.

Creation of the Luns; 18.PNG

NOTE:  For this, we need an Igroup and then an initiator group. This had me stuck for awhile because i hadn’t thought about an initiator group and had me stuck for a couple of hours.

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So after this we should have 6 Luns there.

luns; 37.PNG

Now after this we should be able to see these when we go back to the Lab and the console we were in before.

Complete; 40.PNG





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