VMware Lab 8 : Using vSphere Distributed Switches

Task 1: Create a distributed switch, (DVS).

First of all, we will go through the Wizard using the Suggested options as per the instruction book. only using the newest distributed switch.

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Task 2: Add the ESXi Hosts to the New Distributed Switch

Now going through the Wizard with the suggested options as per the suggestions in the booklet.

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Task 3: Examine Your Distributed Switch Configuration

Once we have done that we need to have a look at the DVS we have just done.Configuration ; 6.PNG

After this, we will just check the Uplink config and make sure this is correct.

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After this, we need to make sure our port group is configured correctly.

Ports are configured; 10.PNG

Task 4: Migrate the Virtual Machines to a Distributed Switch Port Group.

For this, we are going to move our VM from the standard switch to the new Port group.

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Now we must check a few things, the first of which is the Host as seen below.

Hosts are correct; 14.PNG

Then the VM,

VMs; 15.PNG

then the Distributed Portgroup and the uplink portgroup.

Distruputed group ; 16.PNG

Distructed ; 20.PNG

Once this is done we need to make sure the VM has network connection.

Cheaking Connection ; 16.PNG

After this, we then need to undo the DVS changes so we can do the next lab.

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