VMware Lab 10: Accessing NFS Storage

TASK 1: Configure Access to NFS Datastore

For this, we need to go into storage and then select the training datastore and once in this section we will go into “actions”. This is where we will then go into storage and then new datastore.

But as I found out we need to go back into Netapp in the DC01 console and go into NFS, Creating NFS protocol.PNGOnce in here we are going to go into Export policies and new policies and then create a new rule.

NOTE: Now here is where I spent a couple of hours in the lab. You have to give the Redundant Default policy the same rule as the policy you have just created. My thinking is that it somehow still has some kind of connection to it.


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Next step is to create an NFS Volume.


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Next we need to attach our export policy that we have previously made.


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So we have done that, we now need to create the new datastore we started making before.


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This is where I had issues with the Default export policy, for about three hours. I managed to walk away for an hour to relax and work out how to fix the issue. In this, I used the “Network interface show” command to see what was going on.

Newwork interface show; 16.PNG

Below you can see my new data store.

New datastore added; 21.PNG

Below we can see the configuration for my NFS datastore.

Conectivity; 24.PNG

And below we can see its connected to the ESXi host.

Connectivity host; 26.PNG


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