VMware Lab 6: Creating folders in Vcentre Server

Task 1: Create a Host and Cluster Folder

For this we need to start with a Flash version web client, this has more options than the Html version. While in here we need to right-click training and create a new folder, this will be a New host and cluster folder. The predefined name of Lab Servers is shown below.

Creating a Folder; 1.PNG

Task 2: Create VM and Template Folders

After this we are going to create a new folder for the Labs VMs, for this, we are going to right-click Traning as shown above. We are going to click on New VM, then template folder and name it LabVMs. After this we are going to create another folder, this will be the third folder we have made. We’re going to right click on training and create a new folder, just like before with the NEW VM and Template option. This time we will call it Templates, as shown below.

Qestions; 3.PNG


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