VMware Lab 5: Using vSphere Web Client

Task 1: Navigate vSphere Web Client

For this, we need to log into our Vsphere web client,

Signed in ; 1.PNG

Once in here we need to locate the datastores this can be done via a word search or as shown below and click on the storage. In this, we are only going to quickly check the summary tab for the details.Data store; 2.PNG

Task 2: Pin and Unpin Panes

The next thing is to familiarise us with the Panes, this includes pinning and unpinning. It is located in the right-hand corner under the alarms and “work in” tabs. As shown below, all we need to do is click on the tack and these will be pushed to the side (out of the way) as shown below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Task 3: Hide the Getting Started Tabs

After this, we will get rid of all the “help” pages by simply clicking on the option selected below.

Geting ride of the help; 5.PNG


Task 4: Upgrade the Virtual Machine’s Hardware

The next step is to upgrade the virtual machines, but I am currently running the latest updates so I will just describe it.

As seen below we are in the actual settings of the VM. This has to be done while the machine is powered off. If the machine isn’t up to date there will be an option to update where the yellow lines are. This needs to be selected for when you power it on and it will update.

Upgrade; 6.PNG


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