VMware Lab 4: Working with VCenter Server

Task 1: access vCentre Server Appliance 

First, of all for this lab, we need to start in the flash client, this is the windows 8 client we created previously.

Cleintwindows8; 1.PNG

It says we need to download the client, but there is no need for this as we have access to the web client. So, I’ll just fast forward to the part where we look at the nodes as shown below.

NodesServers; 2.PNG


Task 2: Install vCenter Server Appliance and Host License Keys.

The first actual thing we will do is to add the host keys as shown below. It should be noted that we as a class were given additional keys.

Liences; 3.PNG

Once this was done we assigned these to our ESXi host.

Attched Certs. ; 4.PNG

Task 3: Create a Data Center Object

We need to create a new datacentre my one was called training as per the suggested name.

Creating A new Data centre; 5.PNG

Once this was created we needed to connect this up to our ESXi host. Here is where I created another one. I’m not sure this is right, but the lab suggested there was one already there for us to use. This one is called AmbersSec-ESXi.

Task 4: Add Your ESXi Host to the vCenter Server Inventory

Once I had gone through the setup, setting the Ip address as as the first one was .20. and then set up the DNS on the ESXi

Setting up the new ESXi; 7.PNG

I then went to the DC and put in another a record for this so I can be resolved through its name.

Once this was done I went Added this ESXi as a host under the new Traning datacentre.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also added the line for this at the same point.

Connecting the licnece ; 9.PNG

After this was done and the new host was created we then went onto Cheak the Hardwear specs as shown below.

Cheaking out the new host; 11.PNG


Task 5: Configure Your ESXi Host as an NTP Client

Once this was done we needed to configure the host an NTP client. For this, we needed to go to the configure tab and then under time confinement as shown below.

Time confgurement.PNG

Once we click on edit we can then click on “use network time protocol (NTP) ” and in this, we will change it to start and stop with hosts.

Disconfigured; 12.PNG




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