VMware Lab 3: Working with Virtual Machines

So, this is something we have already set up I will just explain briefly. In here we will just set up a VM on our web client server. Start place; 1.PNG

We must name it uniquely and put it in our own space, this will limit confusion and errors later. In the select compatibility, we will use the ESXi 6.5 and the later version other as a Guest OS Family and then select VMware ESXi 6.5 as shown below.


Next, we will go and Use a datastore ISO file, making a note to click on the Connect as this connects the ISO up, without it nothing will load. In this section make sure your Vm is on the Right Switch, this will be what all of your other VMs are on. If it’s on a different switch it will not be able to communicate with the other VMS. Once this has been done, we need to install ADDS, but not promote it and then Makesure its on the same network as the others, mine is Once this is done we need to shut down the Vm and make some changes. Once everything is shutdown and is hunkydory, we need to mount  VMware Vs ISO. We also need to add another CPU and More memory, while in here as shown below.

More memory ; 3.PNG

Once we turn on the server again we will need to navigate to “This Pc” and double click on D drive to get things started. ESXi Ios; 4.PNG

In here I stuck to the defaults, sticking in the system name followed by the Domain name. Then create a single sign-on password for the Account which is under administrator and carried on with the Defaults. Once this is done, it will take about 10 minutes for this to start up and get running. But, once it has, we can now navigate to a Local Vshpere client as shown below.

Esxi centre; 5.PNG

This is all installed and working correctly for the next lab.


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