VMware Lab 2: Configureing ESXi Hosts

Task 1: Examine the ESXi Host Hardware configuration

To start off we’re going to look into Hardware Health, the configuration of the processors and the Memory. These are good and healthy as you can see below.

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Tack 2: Configure the DNS and Routing Information for an ESXi Host

These were slightly difficult to find in the Flash version of the client, as the instructions were in the HTML version. Once this was done we needed to look into the DNS and Routing. This again was not where they suggested and it was named differently from what the book had stated. But, once I had found it I  just needed to click on the defaults and then edit. We need to make sure the Ip address and the default gateway is correct. DNS Ip configuration ; 5.PNG

Task 3: Configure an ESXi Host to Use Directory Services

Once this is done we need to locate Authentication Services to join a domain. This is where I had a lot of issues. One of the many issues was this lovely graphical interface you can see below. The main issue was connecting, it wouldn’t let the ESXi connect if I didn’t put its name in when I was creating the DNS record. While working with ESXi I was able to ping everyone else in the domain. Then, I tested the other hosts in the domain, to see if they could ping both the IP address and the actual ESXi name. These both worked, which had me stumped, they can communicate – so theoretically they should be connecting.

After 10 hours of working on this I managed to find a workaround, then I created another Datastore and a new host. While I was creating that, I put down the FDQN name instead of the Ip address. This connected straight to the domain and went smoothly! Finally, after so much time!

Directory servises; 7.PNG

After all this time it is connected !!

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