Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

Deploy & Automate ADDS Build Blog; 5

So now I know what to run for this assignment, I have gone back and created a new template. This one turned out a lot smaller this time, and The first things that needed to be changed were there was a weird instance in there as shown below, This got deleted.

First change.PNG

And there was for some strange reason five routes when there was only one needed, So I delete all of them off and left it with one route and changed the Ip address as that can’t be blank. as shown below.

And then it errored out on the I am instance as shown. This needs to will be deleted off. Deleting off the Iam.PNGHere, I have further found that I need two routes, and in this, i have added another one now, and I have then further deleted off more that I don’t need. The overall picture from my network is below. Her this is the tidiest I can get it.


Pitchure of my system.PNG

I had then Tried to connect to the instance by associating the Elastic IP Address to it, but it would work. I tried adding a rule that allowed Rdp access from my Ip address but still didn’t work. So yeah everything is there, but I have other assignments to hand in. So this is where I’m going to leave it

Un able to connect.PNG


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