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Deploy & Automate ADDS Build Blog; 4

Editing and improving

Here in this i went through and tryed to see what i can edit to make it my own. Here as showen below i have manage to Change the keys and change the name.

Vpc tag.PNG

In this i have tryed to change the names of others, but on changing the name it errors out so its referenceing something else somwehere else.

I have run the temple deisgner and i have noticed somethings that apear to be detached as showen below. but when i have tryed to delete these off there has been issues as they are referncing other things, when i have tryed to change things around so its referncing my stuff instead of the templete that was orginolly use =for the templete theres even more isses that arise.

See if it works with the route 1 not there.

I have changed the Instance type to make it more budget freienly as showen below.

Instance type.PNG

I have also gtryed to remote into the instance that it creates, but as of so far i am unable to get into it. i have noticed that it is being created in another VPC, and that could be the reason why. But i am unsure as of yet.



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