Blog 10: Budgeting

Ok, Now were at the end of the budgeting assignment we can see the final costs of the system and See if the costs are in fact going to escalate as the projected cost Assumed.


Over all.PNG

So here we can see that the overall costs are said to be at 0.00, but as well drop some of these down we can get an in-depth look into this.

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After looking into the expenses in-depth, I have come to the conclusion that this is my only expense. The key management service is not that costly at coming in under 0.50 cents. This is for the month so far, so 9 days in and it has only cost me 0.50 cents which are excellent.

Buject; 2.PNG

Here we can see my budget is coming along nicely, This has not spent what the forecast assumed, and I am happy as I thought that it would cost a bit.



Cost Exploer; 1.PNG

As above we can see the actual cost of this month so far is $00.34 and far under what the forecast assumed would be the cost. It still has quite a high forecast, but as I have proved this will not be correct as I am not spending that much.

So this is my final blog post for The assignment, there has been ups and downs. It cost me far more than what I assumed it would cost due to my own fault. But this is what it’s about learning. Here I have had so many weird issues I haven’t quite understood, but I fixed my problems and worked out many things . over all an eye-opening experience.


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