Blog 9: Budgeting

Ok, now my account is up and running smoothly, I have combed through to see if I have any weird instances in places there shouldn’t be. And success !! nothing strange to report now. Those instances were weird and I’m at a loss as to why they were there, But now we can comb through and see what reportI’mim seeing from what accounts.

When we first go into the Account that was mixed up with mine, we can now see the costs involved with this account. This cost came to an overall cost of $3.26HelloHello86 ;1.PNG

As shown above, this cost were those that came from running the scripts in cloudformer. These costs were the following;; .24 for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud natGateway, $2.40 to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud for both Windows and Linux. and $.21 to the Elastic AP Addresses.

HelloHello86 ;2.PNG

As we can see from above I have had to pay the tax due to being in New Zealand and having Tax.

HelloHello86 ;3.PNG

As we can see from above, I have been charged the amount of $3.26. This little amount is of no concernqince to me. I have no issues with paying as i was my mistake not to notice.

Here in my second account we can see that as of in the last month I have had to pay 2.18 out of the credits. This is not a huge expense due to my noninstant use of AWS, when i have used it for cloudformer everything created has been deleted off instantly. Thus the small cost. AMber ; 1.PNG

Here we can see what I have had costs in so far, as we can see I have costs in Elastic Compute Cloud for the amount of  $0.18 and key management service for $1.

Alarms ; 2.PNG

Here we can see that there are those alarms that has gone off, but there has been No emails as I had set them up.

Cloud watch; 4.PNG

Ok, So now ill go check out these alarms to see what’s going on, Here as shown below. It thinks I’ve gone over $100 as shown above it’s on alarm 4 and below is my fourth alarm. So its tripped something, but as shown below in my credits I haven’t spent $100 My account has had nothing but weird issues, and I have not received any emails alerting me to the alarms. Alarm 4.PNG

Here we can see the day to day costs below But we can see as I haven’t been getting many as the only thing I have been using is was is stated above. This is good as there aren’t many unexpected costs cropping up.

Day to day cost so far.PNG

Here as shown below we can see the projected cost, it’s assuming were going to be to be amping up the costs again like in the last project as seen in the pattern. This is incorrect because this is the end of the semester and I don’t have any more projects with AWS.

Amber; 5.PNG

As shown below we can see that the report has been running and reflects what is above. I have only spent $0.90 for the last week, and this is right on track as its due to the Key management services.

Buget report.PNG

As you can see below, we still have $11. 54 credits remaining, this is coming to the end of the semester, so I’m assuming ill still have a little left.Credits left'; last snip.PNG


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