Blog 7: Budgeting

This week has been interesting I have had a computer breakdown and need the battery, motherboard, and keyboard fixed! Phew, it has been a confusing time.

In this confusion, I managed to switch over accounts to another one,. And because I had so much going on I didn’t think to check if it was the correct account. I just assumed it was, so I managed to rack up a little bit of cost. It wasn’t anything I can’t afford, but it was a costly mistake although not a big one. And a big learning curb, now I know to make sure it’s the correct account.So these screenshots are the Costs for the other account, these are in total a mistake. But still a loss none the less, so these will be on my blog.

Cost forcast.PNG

As shown above you can see how much this has cost me so far. I have gone through and stripped everything out of it. And it has not cost me anything further. It also has the forecast for the month in there.

Cost Other.PNG

This shows that the costs are in the EC2 instances, these were in Sydney. The rest of the cost was no tax that gets added on to the total.

Cost explodedr Other.PNG

As you can see above in the report, there is no cost in there yet.

Now I have currently gone back to my regular account and posted these mistakes. We can see what the costs are to this.
Write Cost forcast.PNG

As you can see here, I’m still going through my credits and therefore there is no cost to me.

In my credits, we can see that I have spent $2.05 in the last week. This is in the Elastic Compute Cloud and the Key management service.

Costs so far..PNG


Cost Exploer Day to day.PNG

As you can see here, the cost that has accumulated in the Cost Explorer has come from having no instance type. There should not be much more cost as there doesn’t need to be anything running. As we are deleting as soon as things are made.

Cost Forcast 2.PNG


In this forecast, if we were to keep on using the system as we were, we can see the cost will be exponential, between 0.00 – 61.33.

So the Dino Store has been a big blowout for me, but this is what learning is about. We learn from our mistakes. And make better decisions from the previous ones. So as you can see from below we still have $13 in credits remaining. Therefore this account costs me $0.



Up until now, I had previously thought that the Budgeting is what we set ourselves and we were to work out the cost so far. I hadn’t noticed that there was a budgeting tab in the billing management. I have now made a budget for myself. This is set on the items that I have noticed that cost me the most. We can see what it has cost from the Budget report below.




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