Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

Deploy & Automate ADDS Build Blog; 3

Now we have the original script premade from the previous assignment we need to modify and refine it. These scripts are saved in an Amazon S3 Bucket as shown below.


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Once we have it in the bucket we can download this and open it in notepad++, I suggest opening it in there. I had opened it in original notepad, and this changed my code ever so slightly. Now we have it in our NotePad ++, we can try to change things.

First of all, I noticed that not all the references to the VPC were correct, As shown below

VPC worng.PNG

Soi needed to comb through the Temple for the different VPCs and change it to the correct one as stated in the top of the template. This was done via the control + F function, this was what I found the be the easiest.

Next issue I had was the Subnets, This was an issue because until I drew it out. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. The subnets needed to be either the same or just with a small different and in the same IP range as shown in the diagram below.


The next issue/ step I had was to Figure out what was gooing on with the routes. These weren’t working. The first issue I notices is that I didn’t have ” “DependsOn”: “gw1″” in in the first route, so this was changed. Then I Noticed that the Gateway Id was referencing different gateways, one of which didn’t exist.  As shown below.

Route wrong..PNG

Once this was fixed, we then needed to change the destination cider block. This was something I don’t really understand, But this needed to be changed to the same subnet but different Ip addresses. The Ip addresses I chose for each route is shown above in the drawing I did to get a better definition.

So once this was fixed the next hiccup I had was an  IAM Reference, this s referencing something that was part of the previous script we made ours from. This is shown Below

IAm refernceing.PNG

Once this has been having been Taken out. It should successfully run. So this was run a couple of times without a hiccup. But one should note, as I made this mistake that you need to be in the right region, so the key reference is correct. The results as shown below.


Complte and done.PNG



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