Assessment 3: Deploy and Automate AD DS

Deploy & Automate ADDS Build Blog; 2

Once we have run the Adds script from the previous blog, we now need to run the cloud former. This is in the “create script”  Chossing Cloud former.PNG

Once we go past this we can set the spefiic User name and password to get in the cloud former.

Creating a password and username.PNG

Here we can see the cloud former being created.

Creating the template.PNG

Once this is created we need to get into this, this was done vai copying and pasting the dns address. Now i had an issue getting this to load so i chucked it in the ” in cognitio” mode.

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then in this we need to give it as a name as showen below.

Template name ; 6.PNG

the next steps we just stayed with the basics and selected everything.  as showen below.

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This creates the base templte in which we will modify and make our own.  this is saved in the bucket. Mine said it failed to save but it still continuted to do so. Cold former template.PNG


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