Blog;6 Budjeting

This blog was written after the beginning of the next assignment which is ADDS.

Cost 3

As you can see from above I haven’t had too many costs this month. From the key management service, the total has been $0.44.

Cost 1

The Elastic Compute Cloud put me back $0.12

Cost; 2

As you can see the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud NatGateway has also cost $0.12.

Over all costs

The final total of the above is $0.56, this is because I have been deleting everything off as I have been making them.

As you can see below you can see the Cost Accumulated for the week and the forecasted Cost for the next month.

Cost Coverage and Optimiseation.PNG

Here you can see the forecasted amount is between $0.00- $59.04 .this is because it is saying that I have a no instance type, But this is actually impossible I have currently stripped everything out and there is nothing in there. The no instance type is followed by the string that follows my credits.

My credits are;


And my no instance type is ;




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