Blog;4 Budgeting

Ok, now that just about everything is complete we need to check back on things and see how the budget is going. I know this is going to be expensive because I had a previous warning.


From First looks, i have got no Costs but we will look into this further.

Capture 1;.PNG

Below is a summary of the costs of everything so far.  this is a large amount of $60 so I must hurry up and Finish everything.

Cost Of everything so far; 2.PNG

Below is the first of the costs, here we can see the Cost of the RDS, here we can see that this has cost me $33.00 so far for the no instance type. I have all of my Instances in regions. and I have gone through this with a fine-tooth comb deleting off anything I don’t need. So this is something that doesn’t make much sense to me.

RDS cost; 2.PNG

Below is the Ec2 Cloud cost as of yet,  this Ec2 has cost me $20.00 So far for the No – instance type. My instance is in Ohio and there are no others anywhere ales. So I assume I can name this wrong. So my instances in Ohio for my Dino is as shown below.

Elsticase cloud; 4.PNG

Now we can see the key management Price, this is the cost for the key so far. Here we can see we have two Keys in different regions. one in Ohio and one in Sydney. and this has cost me 0.76.

Key Management System; 5.PNG

Here we can see my Elsticashe and how much this has cost me so far. Here this is 5.75 for my Dino-store so far.

Cost of the Elisticase; 6.PNG

As shown below, we can see that there has been one alarm that has gone off. This alarm is for $50, so now as it states half my credits have gone. But as my emails still aren’t working I need to check back here every once and a while. This in isn’t too good, But i need to finish my assignment quickly, I turn things off over night. So going by these rules I have been doing what I can do to keep costs down.

Alarm 3.PNG


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