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Dino-Store Lab; 9: Enabling Auto Scale to Handle Spikes and Troughs

This is located in the EC2 dashboard, as shown below, to set off we will “Create auto Scaling Group” and then go into and “Create launch Configurations”

Creating athe Auto Scaling Group.PNG

Below we can see the settings I used to create the Launch Configuration

Reviewing the settings; 2.PNG


Now we have created the launch configuration we will create the Auto Scaling group with the settings as shown Below.


Creating the settings for the LB; 3



Once these have been created we will go back to the Instances and watch the Auto Scale Instances being created as shown Below, this will take about 15 minutes

New Instances Being created; 5New Instances Being Created; 6

Once these has been completed, we will Be able to Bring up our Web page and see multiple ip addresses, There were four in the end. After this we will delete the two original Servers, then we will be running just on the Auto Scale servers Since there are Two Servers, we will have two internal IP address’s as shown below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now we can test the system even further, by deleting one of the needed servers, and it took a bit of time but after deleting the Sever the Auto Scale settings allowed another server to be automatically created.

And this is the end of the Lab !!








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