DinoStore Build

Dino-Store Lab; 8 Using ELB to Scale Applications

In this lab we are going to create a Load Balancer, this is in the EC2 Console as shown below.

Creating a new load balncer.PNG

In this we can see the settings we have used in the below photos, these Will be used for both Web servers, both primary and backup. in this, we will use the WEbRDPGroup we have previously created.

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While these are being created our servers are going to be Out of service, this took me about 20 minutes. Once this is complete the load Balancers will state they are ” in service” Creating the Load balancing Load thingy; 4.PNG

Now we need to test the load balancer, to do this I will Copy the DNS from the load balancer into the website’s address as shown below. We know the load balancer is working because we can see the Ip address change twice as shown Below.

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And this shows the lab has been Finished!


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