DinoStore Build

Dino-Store Lab; 7 Using Elastic IPs

While in the EC2 Dashboard we will go into the Elastic IPs section a once in this we will “Allocate New address” Creating a new Elastic Ip address; 1.PNG

once this has been made as shown we need to choose the associated address, this is done as shown below.Creating a new Associate address;4.PNG

Now we can use that Ip address as part of Our website as shown below, also note the internal address

Noting the internal and external Address; 3.PNG

Once we have done this we can Choose an alternative assistance address from the previously created image, and then we have to tick the ‘Reassociation’, box and then click ‘Associate’.  After this paste in the IP address in again and Note the Internal Ip address has changed.

New internal address; 6.PNG

Now, this lab has finished! Yuss


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