DinoStore Build

Dino-Store Lab; 6 Adding EC2 Virtual Machines and Deploying the Web App

For this we will be creating an amazon Image, these are called amazon machine image (AMI).

For this, we will go into the EC2 Desktop, we will Right-click the Virtual Machine we want an image of, then we will go into “create image” from there as shown below.

Creating a new Intance image; 1.PNGOnce we have done that it will lead us into the Screen below where we will name it and put the description in.

Imagine settings; 2.PNG

The first one we created was of the web server now we need to create another one for the Queing Server. Below shows both Images in the process being made.

Image setting up; 3.PNG

Once these have been created we can then further go into these and Launch these, In these, you can See the settings within these below.

  1. Type = t2.micro
  2. IAM role = WebServerRole
  3. Add a tag (e.g. Name = WebServer02)
  4. Select an existing security group = WebRDPGroup

Now after this has been launched we can copy that public DNS name into the Website address for our dino store to see if it is in fact a working replica, Below shows it in working form.

Putting in the websites name with the public DNS,; 4.PNG

Now we have done this lab


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