Blog;3 Budgeting

This week I have worked until the 5 labs, in doing so I have been turning things on so my assumption is that I have created some bills for myself. This will be interesting to look at as I tried to turn everything I had off, so let’s have a look;

First Look; 1.PNG

So now this shows there has been no overall cost to me as of yet, but as we learned last week looks can be deceiving, so let’s go into the drop down sections and see what bills are lurking there.

This is interesting as I haven’t been getting alarms, and this says I have had 1.9 alarms? I don’t know what the .9 alarm means. As shown below this we can see the next alarm that should be triggered, This should be at $10. This is working incorrectly and I am not getting any email notifying me like I should, I have looked into this and this should be working correctly. So ill put it down to just inconsistencies in my account.

Alarms; 2.PNG

Alarm 2.PNG



The First cost I notice is the Secondary key set that I got, that cost me .35 cents, so not much and something I need so I don’t mind this.

Cost; 1.PNG

The next thing I notice is a cost for the instance this is 7.44 which seems a bit steep, I must look into this. but have done what I can to stop the cost being too high so I’m at a loss to what could be making it cost so much.

Cost Instance; 4.PNG

Now, this below is how much I have left on my balance, this must be done monthly because it doesn’t reflect what the previously statements say.

Coat remining ; 5.PNG

So this week was alright, not too costly and not too bad. there are things to improve upon but I must look into it further as I don’t know how to reduce cost any further.


Forcast bill.PNG

As we can see from above we can see what the forecasted cost will be, this doesn’t look too bad here. Only about $2 forecasted and I’m happy.


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