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Dino-Store Blog; 4: Configuring the System to use Simple Queue Service


First of all in the Lab we need to create a new Que in the Simple Que Service, (SQS) , this Is done with in the SQS inside of amazone, this is done Vai the Create NEw Que Button

Creating a new Q service; 1.PNG

Then we need to test this system buy sending the System Que messages, these are done buy right clicking the Que and and going into the Vewi/Delete messages section. In this we need to “Poll” the Messages as far as i can understand this is Gathering the messages. After this we need to poll and then Further delete the messages.

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Inside of Visual Studio we need to go into the “Cheakout.aspx.cs section, in this we need to remove Code and then Further add in the code that was collected from the lab itself. The code to be taken out is between line 66 to line 126, and this will be replaced.

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AFter this we needed to add the “callers” up the top of the code so this can be used as showen below;

Changed Postition CODE NOTE CHANGE; 8

Next we have to Download the write Packages, This caused me alot of issues because i was confused as to what were the write packeages to have. I added packages to DinoStore.Objects and this was wrong and caused me more issues, i also tryed having the packages the same over all of the Project, and this caused even more issues aswell as adding in uneeded code and Files.

I finally Went through and changed my packages to Mirrior my Class mates as showen below. I have added in photos for Everything needed.

Note i have not got anything in for Dinostore Objects, this is because this classhes.

Next we need to Go into the DinoStore WEb.config File and Add in the Access key Infomation,  this is Done in the ValidationSettings Processer.

Save this changed code ;  9.PNG

Now to test the System we have just created !!!We need to Log in and create an order.

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Next we need to cheak the Que system and see if we have a message there with our order. as showen below.

SMS messages; 11.PNG

Next wee Need to add an application to Pull the orders into the que !, in this we need to add the Order.Processor to the Solution Note, add this to the same file as everything else because it would be able to call it from out in another folder. In this new Project we need to change the Qurls to our own, and showen below. This needs to happen twice both to Reqest.Url and BatchReqest.URL

Adding in new code; 13.PNG

After this we need to Go into the App.config file in this floder to add in our Key infomation as showen below, Note i went back and added in my Key Region;

Addin in yet more data ; 14.PNG

As showen above we also needed to change the Connection String, this was just copied from the Dinostore Web.config file so i know its coreect.

After this we need to Right click on the Dinostore.orderprocesser From and set it to start on Start as well as uncheaking the “Sign the Oneclick Manafests” in the properties.

Once this is done we quickly look at the orders inside of the database, this wont ahve anything init. The next step is to Start the Dinostore Application , this will run the order processers as showen below.

New fixed.PNG

*Note make sure you have deleted all of your test data that we created at the start of the lab, otherwise it will break this.

Now we will go back to to the database, and this should now have orders in it as showen below.

Database; 20.PNG

Now this lab has finished !!






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