DinoStore Build

Dino-Store Lab; 3 : Using DynamoDB as a Session State Provider

In this lab we first need to create a Table that is going to be our session state table, in this we need the creditals as showen below.

Creating the Table;1AFter this we need to make sure we have the AWS SDK installed this can be found by right clicking on Dinostore Exporer, and then go down to manage NuGet. After this we can look through the Packages to see whats installed, i already have the AWS SDK Installed as showen below. But i need to install the AWS COre so i can install the AWS Extentions that have the extentions for the session sate provider.

Instanlling the write softear ;2

Now after this i needed to change the Code in the WEb config file, this is sinteresting. Below is the code that i pasted in. In this i need to work out how to get my access key and my secret key.

Changing the Code; 3


Now to figure out how i am going to ncreate the Keys, It seems to be different the Private keys that were used in the preivous assignments,. ,

TYo do this we need to do

  • First we need to nagivate to our name in the left hand corner , this further drops down into manage :” Security Creditals.
  • In this it props us to The following box, in this i went with continue to security Creditials.
    • Creating accsess keys.
  • After this we can see a option where we can go into Accesses keys, as showen below.
    • Creating access keys; 5
  • After this, we need to create a New Access key, this is in the Blue box.
    • Creating a new key; 6
  • This is an Automated service and will create these keys for you.
    • Creating a key; 7


After this we need to go back into viusal Studio and in this we need to go into the Net702.Dinostore.Objects under this we need to go into the Shoppingcart.cs  We have to change the code in this folder aswell. In this we need to insert “Serializable” in the name space, in this we need to open it up at the start and then close it off at the end with it as showen below.

Changing the code; 8

After this was done, we can then Load up the Applicationa and see if it works , after this all going well we can log in a previously created account. Afterter this we can add things to the cart, and after this we go back to the DynomoDB sessionstate table and see the new saved sessions in the database.

ANd this is the end of the lab.


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