Blog;2 Budjeting

Well so far I have remained inside of my budget, This can be seen Under the Bills tab in the Billing Management Console. In this, we can see All of the services we have used, and these drop down to see the bills under these. As shown below.

AWs setting up billing alearts ;1.PNG

Now we will have a look at the drop downs to see if it’s really nothing that has been spent as follows;

  • CloudTrail ; $0.00
  • Data Transfer; $0.00
  • Elastic Compute Cloud; $0.93
  • ElastiCache; $0.00
  • Key Management Service: $0.29
  • RDS Service; 0.03
  • Simple Notification Service $0.00
  • Simple Queue Service $0.00
  • Simple Storage Service $0.00
  • CT to be collected $0.00
  • GST to be collected $0.00
  • US Sales Tax to be collected $0.00
  • VAT to be collected $0.00

So, as shown above, there has been a total of $1.15 spent so far, this is good as it been For things I don’t mind that money going on. These have been things that I left on and forgot to delete it, such a lesson to be learned here, but again not a biggy as its just 1.15 out of the free $100 given.

Instances being removed, this takes some time, but here they are being terminated.

Elsitcan instances being deleted.

And key management service is just charging me for each time I need to use the key service, again this isn’t a big deal, and I don’t mind using some of my free tiers for this.

I believe I haven’t gone so bad so far, there are improvable Lessons to learn but catching them before they get out of hand is deailifty a good lesson to learn.  These will be weekly blogs so well see what else happens in the next week.


As you can see we can see the forecast here for the week and the Next month.


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