Optional Lab; Introduction to AWS CloudFormation

In this, we go into the AWS console and then further go into the Cloud Formation Section. As shown below.

Creating a new stack;1

Next, we Chose the WordPress template, and then we further go on to look at the Parameters, these are the settings for the Could. Paramentser; 2

The next thing is the Options, these are the are tags you can use, permissions and advanced options, and in these, we will not change any of these. Now we can create The Cloud Formation.

Creating a New database stack; 3

Using the stack

Now we have monitored the creation of the stack its self and its Up and running we can now use it. , here we go into the Value section in the bottom of the page. here we click on the link and it takes us to the web shown below.

Creating a stack; 4

And now were signed in !!

Signed in; 6.PNG


Deletion of the Stack

Now we have to delete this stack, this is done through the Actions tab at the top of the AWS Cloud FOmration page as showen below.

Deletion Of the Stack; 7

This will ask me if I Want to delete the stack I have just created for confirmation. And I will click yes. It will then say deletion in a process in the Status bar, as shown below.

Deletion in process; 7


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