Choosen blog; Introduction to Amazon ElastiCache with Windows Server

In AWS we will go from the AWS console into the Elasticashe, as shown belowFirst snap; 1.PNG

Net we Creat the ElasticCache In this we can create the settings for this. As shown below.We will skip the advanced settings. Creating the settings; 2.PNG

Enabling Access to the Amazon Elasticache;

For this Elsticache to be hooked up to the instance, we first need to create a VPC for it to all sit in and then further talk to each other in.

To do this, we need to go into the EC2 console, and we go to the Security group and then change the inbound setting’s as shown below.

Creating a new rule; 3

Creating an Amazon EC2 instance running a server

Now we need to create and instance to connect all this too, in this we will create a Windows Server 2012r2 Base version, then in this, we will use all of the Defaults given to us. To launch this instance, i will use my original key pair used previously for the other labs.

Now while I was doing this, I thought I would go and get the Cashe node end point, this didn’t go as the lab had suggested as it was a little outdated, I eventually found the Node end point under redis in the nodes part, here is the endpoint I have noted down. ;mycache.tx1g51.0001.usw2.cache.amazonaws.com

Net I Will connect to my instance to get it up and running through an RDP, in this it requires downloading a file for you to launch the client from and then you have to grab your password for remoting in. This requires your key to do so,

Password; Rb6RP33&YBf

And were in, as shown below;

Console; 6.PNG

The next thing that’s needed is to download the Redis client, for this we will go into the servers Setting and change the IE settings as shown below.

Ok, so it is not connected, what’s going on here?

Connetion to the server failed ; 10.PNG

So I went through and made sure all of the connection settings were correct, they were. So move on. I thought maybe it might be the cluster, it wasn’t. I tried to create a new cluster but that didn’t work, then I moved onto the Security group. I made sure all the settings were correct, and they were so I created a new one, and it still didn’t work, I thought it was the port configuration, so I went through and made sure they were correct. It was, so I created a new one, and it still would time out. Ok, i cannot think of anything else it could be. I will try to make time and come back to this issue later with a fresh mind.


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