Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing

Creatingone ; 7

Creating an elastic load balancer

Creating one ;1.PNG

While in the AWS console we go into the EC2 console

then I will go into the load balancer and create load balancers, In this, i will choose the Classic load balancer in the options, and I will define the load balancer name as; “Free-Lab-Load-balancer”.


In this I configured a new security group, this was because the lab suggested using the premade one which wasn’t alvlible to us.

The next step was to configure “health check” these values were the recommended values of the lab’s page.



When the next step came along, it required an Instance already being made, but as I had been deleting my instances as I went along I went back and made a basic instance that was Windows 2012 r2 base. This was done rather simply and worked. After this we were to create tags for this instance, I had trobles with this as every option I chose didn’t work, so in the end, i left it blank.


Next, is where we review what we have made, this is where we can see all the settings we have made. After this, we click create, and it shows up in the load balancer section in Ec2.

Creatingone ; 7

After this we can go into the Description field at the bottom of the page, in this, we can find the DNS name. Once we have copied the URL found into the DNS this, we can paste it into the webpage, this should load into the instance we have connected it to mine being the Windows 2012 r2 base version. This is not what actually happened, first of all, it said the page was taking to long to respond. I then tried to load it again this time it said the same thing, I tried the trouble shooting windows diagnostics but this wasn’t very informative. This will be something I have to come back to as I have to go to work.


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