When we want to create a table, we have to go into the DYNAMODB console in AWS, from here it is very, very simple., you just click on create table;

Creating a table; 1

Creating a Item.PNG

Adding data and the further modifying the table 

NNow the tables created the next step is to add data, this is where we “create items.”

Here we add in items to the previously created fields, and we can add in single instances of new fields as shown below

this was done three times until we had populated the tables with enough data.

Creating a set of data; 4.PNG

Now we need to learn how to modify these items, as shown above, there is a actions tab, and here we go into this tab and go to Edit, here we can edit any part of the Items in the table, this can be done by hovering over the name its self too.

Querying a table

Now we can query the table for certain information, this is done vai the PK, this is done by clicking on tablets and navigating the items tab, from here we switch the Scan option for its drop down variant of Quarry. Here you can see me querying the database on all of the Items that have the pk as Kaleo.Searching an item in the table;6

Deleting a table;

While in the tables pane we can then click on the Music table to select it, then go into the drop down actions panel and select delete table, in which case will delete the table


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