Introduction to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) (Windows)

WE went into the the AWs console and ten into the Rds dashboard.  When we went into this we go into the “get started now button” in this we will follow the steps along, I will choose the MySQL option.

I will have to change the security group setting for the VPN and add in an exception as shown below.

Creqating a new rule; 9

Connecting to the Instance 

After meeting the prerequisite  we will further go into the EC2 Console, and we are required to note down the DNS address of the Instance, so here it is



Now that I have noted down the previous DNS address, I realize that we need to creat another Server as we don’t have access to the pre-made one as notes in the lab. The server I have made is windows 2012nr2 base.


Now I have created a new instance, I will Connect Vai RDP, as shown below; In this, i will go in and use my pre-existing key to decrypt the password I will later use to logon.


When it was loaded in, I tried to open up the MySQL program files, But every time I tried to open any file it had crashed. Im assuming this is because I am not using the preexisting Server that was mentioned in the lab directions. I looked into downloading the MySQL from the internet, but on this connection, it would take too long, so I will leave it here and start in the next lab.

Rdp; mysql not working; 13


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