Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with Windows Server


First of all, we were to create a new instance, this was done much like before we just chose a different OS this it was the Windows 2012 r2 base version. This was very simple, and didn’t require anything else aside from the defaults to set it up Lab; Elastic Computing With windowsr2

Connecting to your Amazon Ec2 Instance

Retrieving the administrator password to your instance, 

When we right click on the instance, “connect” to the instance, While in this as shown below we can Download the remote desktop file and furthermore get the password

Connection to the intance; 3

When I clicked on the Get Password button, we were to put our key into the console and upload it to get our password which was; .”hcbG8$a=&$”

Connecting to the instance; 4

Connecting to the Amazon EC2 instance 

Once I had previously done this, I had just needed to Click on the Download remote desktop file, I had previously downloaded one, but these are timed, so my previous one had timed out.

After putting in the previously collected password for the instance there were a few security warnings, but these were easy to go through. After that, the console loaded up the instance as shown below

Putty console opened; 10


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