Introduction to Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Here is Where we will go back into the Ec2 Console and Create a volume, we navigate to “volumes’ and then go to create a volume. As shown below we will leave the settings at default

Creating a volume;1.PNG

Adding an EBS Volume to an Instance

Here is where we will right click on the instance we have just made, and we will “attach volume.”


In this we will need to have the instance in the same Availability Aone as the volume, we want to create otherwise it won’t work.

Creating a Volume;3

Snapshotting an EBS

While creating a snapshot of our system, this creates a replica of our data in the volume just incase something goes wrong. First, we will force detach the volume, and then right click create Snapshot, This can be reversed, and when you go into the Snapshot section from the menu, you can create a Volume from a Snapshot too. Crreating a snap shot



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