Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Create a Bucket in Amazone s3

S3 can be thought about as a container that you put information into,  these can be staged in different areas and country for easy access.

When we think about creating a new bucket we go into the s3 console and Click Create bucket, in this, we have to give it a name, and in this, they have to be all lower case as shown below. I kept the default storage location as suggested.


Adding an object to Amazon s3

Now we have created a bucket, we can add an item to the bucket, we have to go into the bucket itself then we can press the upload button in the corner, then we can upload from the computer, this could also be a drag and drop into it as well.



Adding a Folder to Amazon s3

Here we will do as we have done previously for the object, but in this, we will upload a folder and because its multiple items the whole folder will need to be dragged and dropped into the upload Area.


Viewing an object in Amazon s3

Now we have come to seeing the Object, in this simple console it’s as easy as right clicking and pressing download.

Downloadint eh iteems we have uploaded ; 9

Moving an object in Amazon s3

This is again much like before, but now we need to Cut the item in the bucket and then paste

Cutting a bucket; 11.PNG.

Deleting an object in Amazon s3

This is again very much the same except we only delete the item. This is very simple and easy to do.

Cutting a bucket; 11


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