Introduction to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

This is where we can create elastic computing, this is easily scaleable. It is essentially an easy resource, depending on what O/S you use.

This is done via the E2C Console in AWS, we find the launch instance button on the page. On the starting page, we get to choose Linux as its available in the free tier, this is called AIM.


After this, we chose what instance type we wanted to launch it with. Again I went with what was free tier available. I left most of the instance setting as default as we are going to delete after making them.

Leauching the instance, storage; 4

I left the “configure groups settings” empty as these are going to be deleted afterward. When I came up to tags for this instance, I gave it a name so I can refer back to it when I come to delete it. Launching the instance; 5

After this I need to  Launch the instance, this is loading up the new instance we created. On launch we were asked to either create a new key or use a  previously made key, I used the previously made key.

Creatng the instance; 6

Connecting an instance vai SSH

Now we will use the previously downloaded Putty system for the next part.

Now we are asked to Retrieve the hosts DNS address and copy it, so here it is;


Looking aat the host DNS; 7

Then we were to convert the key from a .pem file, this was done via PuTTYgen that I had previously downloaded. Then we loaded it into the PuTTY and used our Instances DNS to log in.


The one I had pressed the open button in opened in the command line window, it signed in as shown below, but it’s not loading up the Linux AMI which I have tried to Troubleshoot for a couple of hours now. I have created multiple new instances and tried different settings, but to no avail, I believe I have spent enough time in this lab, so I am going to move on and Start on the next lab.

Putty console opened; 10



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