AWS Taster

Introduction to AWS Identtity and Access management

This fist lab was to get us use to creating and editing items in the console, In this lab, we will create users and groups while building the policies that will go along with these.

First of all, in the IAM console, we were to create the users and leave the policy part empty as these would be added later.

First Assignment Iam Lab; 1.PNG

I created Three users, User one, User two and user three. After this process I went on to create the Groups;

These groups were also created in the IAM console, These Groups were; EC2support, EC2admin, and S3admin. As the Groups in the Quick labs were predefined, we also needed to base our Groups from these there for I made my EC2ADmin have Network Administration policy. I created the different groups with the policies as shown below, If these are incorrect, I can go back and change these.




The next thing I had to do was insert the Users to each group. These went as follows;

  • UserOne- Ec2Support
  • UserTwo- EC2Admin
  • UserThree- S3Admin

After this, you can see that each one was in its respective group as shown below.

First Assignment Iam Lab; 19 .PNG, Groups and users.

After this, we were to change/ Change the password for the previously made users, in my case I had already set passwords, and because this was for my personal training, I had unchecked “User must create a new password at next sign-in .” This was done from the Security credentials under the user’s tab in Iams.


Now we had to perform tests to the users and groups we had created, For this, we had to collect the Sign on Url Here.

Now to test out the users, testedI went through and checked all the users and these worked as Suggested. The User three didn’t have permissions to see the I am dashboard as suggested, Then when I went back into my root account I

could see when the users had been logged in last.

















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