Blog; Billing and cost management

Ok, so this morning didn’t go to plan, my Aws was signing in nicely in the training portal but was being rejected but the billing and cost management portal accessible. This was confusing as they have the same password, I have currently tried to change the password. Let’s see if this works.

Soi has managed to get in, now let’s start setting up the alarms.AWS billing system.PNG

As you can see from above, I have created a Tester report with everything mentioned above.

AWS billing console.PNG

Here you can select when it sends its reports to the AWS

Over all AWSbilling first.PNG

Sucess !! I have created a report.

AWs setting up billing alearts 1.PNG

Here we are setting up the Billing Alerts


AWS Cloud Berry console.PNGHere we are in cloud watch setting up the Alarms


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Here we are defining the Alarms.

AWS SNS Console Setting an alram 3 .PNG

Here are my alarms Saved, They have just been made, so they don’t have any data.


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Here we can see I have set up more Alarms.

Now we have set up the alarms, I’m unsure of if they are on the actual money or in the credits.

The Alarms have been set at the following prices;

  • $1, to let me know I’m spending money
  • $10 to let me know that I should be looking at where my money is going.
  • $50 to let me know I should majorly sit back and think about where my credits are going
  • $100 to let me know it’s going to start costing me.

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